Tenant Improvements (TI)

Bringing Speed to the Project

Based on our success in building QSRs, we’ve added Tenant Improvements (TI) to our menu of services. Similar to fast food restaurants, TI is also a fast-paced environment demanding strict deadlines and schedules.

Reconfiguring Spaces for Maximum Efficiency
We assist you with reconfiguring spaces. For example, we can transform an office into a dentist’s office requiring reconfiguration and accommodations for specialty conditions and equipment, extra rooms, electrical, and plumbing. We can convert warehouses into customer-friendly offices, and, one Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain into a different franchise.

When you’ve found the perfect commercial space, connect with us about relocating kitchens, breakrooms, and common areas. We can add walls and change the space to meet your needs.

Modernizing Offices to Become More Customer-Friendly
It’s easy for commercial spaces to look tired. Freshen up your space with fresh carpeting, painting, tile, and stylish architectural details. If need be, we’ll take a building down to its “bones,” to remodel it to fit today’s market.

Examples of Tenant Improvement Work
We’ve assisted customers like you in commercial offices by:
• Constructing interior partitions
• Improving the electrical systems
• Relocating restrooms
• Installing new carpet
• Adding a kitchen
• Painting the walls
• Supplementing the HVAC units

If you’re in need of TI, please contact us today!

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