Apex Upkeep

Facility Maintenance for QSRs

Regular use and in-store dining take a tough toll on appliances, parking lots, drywall, restrooms, carpets, and floors. That’s why we created Apex Upkeep – a quarterly audit and repair system. Our system ensures your fast-casual restaurant remains clean, safe, and compliant with all health department requirements.

Your One-Stop Shop for Repairs
We routinely inspect your store noting repairs needed: caulking, painting, parking lot recoating or striping, drywall, tile, and more. We then conveniently repair all items on this “punch list” saving you the hours and efforts of calling multiple specialty contractors.

An Appetizing Look for Customers
By constantly having an expert general contractor visit your QSR, you fix the small items before they become big headaches. Your customers see a clean, safe, and appetizing fast-casual restaurant that translates into loyalty, positive reviews, social media posts, and repeat customers.

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