Eric Haddox

Eric Haddox
Engineering Innovative Solutions

Eric Haddox took the helm at Apex Construction with the mission of implementing breakthrough efficiency, delivering unprecedented speed, and communicating constantly to achieve win/win outcomes. According to his loyal clients, he has achieved every objective.

Leveraging the legacy of John Anderson Construction and rebranding it as Apex, Eric has built a partnership with his clients and employees that is based upon trust and transparency. His team remains the “go to” general contractor for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR’s) such as Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Panera, Arby’s, and other rapidly expanding franchises.

A Global Citizen for Humanity

Eric’s degrees in Civil Engineering and Theology are woven together in his life and work. He’s an ardent defender of humanity who has traveled the world in disaster response, designing and implementing life-changing emergency potable water systems, and field hospitals. From Colombia to Jordan to Haiti to wars in Ethiopia and Ukraine, these infrastructure improvements remain assisting communities, government agencies, and hospitals in day-to-day life. While living in Guatemala, for example, he not only worked as an engineer, but also took on the role of sole bush pilot providing urgent transportation for trafficked and abused children.

With his wife of 26 years, he has adopted 3 children internationally and had 3 biological kids making him a father of 6. Eric is looking toward his PhD in religion to better understand the “big things” of life.

Importance of Analysis & Trade-Offs

In his 25+ years of working in mining and engineering services, Eric has mastered the art of rigorous analysis and understanding trade-offs. Quite simply: he brings order to chaos. You’ll never hear him utter “it can’t be done.” Instead, you get innovative solutions and thoughtful ideas.

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